Three Steps to Effective Work From Home !

Since I could leave my full-time job to create my own business and I’m still struggling, I will not manage it. It was necessary to learn again how to be productive in my free work where no one is watching me.

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I think I’ve done it now, and I’ve summed it up in three key points you need for success and continuity in the work-from-home system.


1- Motivation

Is the motivation that will prevent you from saying “I do not have to stay awake until 12 pm, I can continue to sleep without disturbance”


It is what drives you instead to advance from the bed and take a quick cup of coffee with you to start working immediately.


You have to find what really motivates you in your work, and then use this motivation to motivate you to work like a carrot and stick policy.


For example, for me: motivation is people. It sounds simple, does not it?

I love my colleagues with whom I work in my own work, and I like the work environment we have created together.

We are all working remotely, using the Slak site for messaging and then running things. We also use Basecamp as a front to meet customers (who are also people I love working with). Every day there’s a new conversation, a new discovery and more experiences.


We, myself and my brother Jeremiah, choose the people who work with us, both the staff and the clients, to always be the kind of people we love to work with. To be always an incentive to us, they are persevering and wonderful people. I personally think I learn more from them than they do. Even though I am the one who leads them.

If I can continue this way, then I think I am on the right path in terms of my choice of who joins us, whether the team or the clients.


This stimulates me, awakens me from sleep, and makes me eager to integrate quickly into my work.

This is one of the most important reasons why the first thing in my daily routine is to lose the messages in my mail and continue working on the site Slak and Basecamp; because I find that my satisfaction and my full comfort.


You have to know what you want most of your work and make it a priority in your usual priorities, so that it is the beginning of the work; once you start doing that, it is easy for you to continue.

2- Responsibility


You must find the constraint that you need to complete the work. You may have left your job because you do not want to be charged, held accountable, or constantly monitored. All are good reasons, but you also have to take responsibility wherever you work. We are all forced to do so to produce and develop constantly, it is a must.


What will you be responsible for? What can be observed if you do not perform your work to the required level?


For me, the projects I manage are my responsibility directly, I am the supervisor of the task forces, and the management consultant for some projects.

If I do not take responsibility and convey the most important customer requirements to my team, and if I do not push the team forward with motivation, we will not progress at the end. Customers will question the quality of our work, which is a nightmare for me to think about. Responsibility, because failure to do so frightens me.


As an example, if you are a designer, and you have not designed anything for a week, it will negatively affect your customers, and the result will be frustrating for you, which will prompt you to take responsibility. This is similar to ours with marketing. If you establish your own project based on the customer’s suggestions to some of them and evaluate them (as we do) your reputation is everything.

Your business must be in full swing every day, and you need every mail that arrives to you to ensure that your clients are as satisfied as possible; because that is your way forward, which is indeed your future, and you are enduring responsibility for it.

My work is based on a strong foundation based on my love for those I work with, and my responsibility towards them and my balance between these two things, I do not want to lose them and try hard to be beside them. This is what helps me to continue, and if I have a shortening in this regard, it is disturbing me at night.


So it must be.

3- Integration into work

The third and last point is integration into action.


We all know how we feel when we integrate into the daily work and feel then that we can accomplish anything. When you were working in a job office, you were always annoyed by random alerts and interviews, or by reprimanding some of the ongoing businesses and provinces, which hampered you from progress and integration.


It’s a good thing you’re working from home now, so things will not bother you anymore, but the bad thing is that the whole job is your responsibility now. Instead of taking a break from your cat, going out for a walk, washing dishes or washing clothes, Be aware that your integration in work is not compensated, so avoid during your work any other concerns that will stop you from working.


The great aspect of working from home is that you are unrestricted to work in the office for nine hours. You do not have to come to work daily with your colleagues and go with them, but you can plan the largest work that is required during the day, and accomplish in two or three hours only the work.


When I was in the job, I used to bang my fingers for hours when I finished work before the end of work and did not have anything to do. Now I can do a two-day task list in just a few hours, and use the rest of the time in tasks I personally want to accomplish.

It’s great to take advantage of it, but you just have to choose the right time to do it, and make sure you’ve done as much work as possible at the time.

For me, I noticed that the golden time to work is after waking up straight from sleep. If I did not do anything but drink a cup of coffee

And sit on my desk to work, I have done a great deal of work and finished it by 2 or 3 pm, when I am integrated into the work I enter a coma (as I am writing now), where there is no room to allow any distraction, Another thing I think of is only the work I need to accomplish, and how to finish it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


You should be looking for what gives you this level of integration into the business, then look for a way to continue that day by day.

Of course, there will always be things that are crowded in distracting you, but you need to practice ignoring them and pushing them away.

Once you have finished your well-integrated work, you will have time to do everything afterwards. As a result, you will not have to worry all night about the employees’ frustration at your lack of work, which will distract you at night and dampen your enthusiasm the next day.


It is a vicious circle, you must pay attention to it, and be prepared to get rid of any negative habit associated with it.


Additional point: encouragement


This point is so important to me that I am always keen on it, and I am very much encouraged by my family who love me and always give me no mercy for the good things I do. Positive encouragement is always a top priority.

It always stimulates me and stimulates the people I work with with the good things we have accomplished.

You can tell the person who works with you the mistakes they’ve made all day, so they do not do it again, but only after telling them about their accomplishments that day so they do not get away from it.


Similarly, you should encourage yourself. Doing so gives you a strong mental motivation to do the same in the future. This is the easiest way to promote positive actions.


I always try to encourage my team whenever they do a good job or initiate a voluntary work such as creating a new idea, or following up with a customer by answering a question they know is answered.

All these things I always wish my team to do, and you can imagine how much encouragement I have on them. When I praise them for a good job, they continue to do more and more.

Encouragement is an urgent necessity for the development of any team, as well as necessary to work from home as well. When you do a good job one day, you should encourage yourself, and you should rejoice yourself in doing your work well that day, thus linking your happiness to work and be strengthened Your mind will work in the future.


As I finish this article I also end my daily work. My mailbox is readable, my clients are happy with the service, and the staff have a product in their work, and we have a meeting tomorrow to check everything we have in our plan of action next week.

I am so excited and motivated to tomorrow, I will engage in the work I love and be happy when it is done.

So I got rid of mental exhaustion and mental retardation and became happy, satisfied, enthusiastic and productive in my work from home.


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