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I have to show you guys how I basically slay in this Texas heat for our end of the summer barbecue my friends and I would get together towards the end of the

summer you know because the weather starts to change and everybody becomes busy everybody’s back in school and working again and things like that so we have our end of the summer gathering whether it’s a pool party or a barbecue are just some type of kickback we just try to you know close out the summer with the big bang so this year is a barbecue and I want to show you guys basically like what I’m wearing and how I’m doing my makeup and what I do to my hair um I want to thank Vastly for collaborating with me on this video and yeah without further ado let’s go ahead and get started okay first things first I gotta hop in the shower because I’m running late per usual because that’s not on social media all morning talking to you guys but wouldn’t change that for the world my shower using some hot water while warm water because it just wakes me up and makes me feel so much more refreshed and then I go in with my moisturizer my favorite moisturizer is the Vaseline cocoa radiant and I like this because it I don’t know like for me my skin is very sensitive and dry and sometimes it doesn’t look like or feel like I’ve used anything whenever I use other moisturizers but this product actually works because it penetrates the skin and it helps the shine come from within and it has a hundred percent cocoa and Shea butter so it gives my skin the right amount of moisture and luminosity and nourishment without that greasy fill and since I’ll be wearing clothes that actually shows my skin because you know it’s hot in Texas I want my skin to have a nice healthy glow I picked this up from Walmart because I do all of my household shopping there so it’s much more convenient so if you live near a Walmart go ahead and pick yours up so now I have to choose an outfit and being in this Texas heat I love to be comfortable yet wear clothing that will allow my skin to breathe because when I say it’s hot it is hot okay it’s hot in Texas and I usually like I don’t get dressed until I’m actually ready to leave but I like to know what I’m wearing ahead of time that way I know exactly how I want to do my makeup so while I’m looking for clothes I just you know kind of slide into a comfy t-shirt and some sweats while I’m doing my hair and makeup just to give some time for my moisturizer to really penetrate my skin okay so now it’s time to move on to the makeup I’m going to use my Mario Badescu facial spray just to add some hydration back into my face before I actually go in with my foundation and my primers and whatnot sins will most likely be inside and outside because of the Texas heat it really doesn’t matter what type of makeup I wear or how much but I typically try to go for the least amount of actual makeup but I make sure that my brows are waterproof so I go in with my steal a 24 hour waterproof eyebrow pencil and then set it with some powder just to ensure that it does not move and then you know I’m just kind of doing the usual of highlighting underneath the brow and then I color correct my skin because if you color correct then you don’t have to go in with as much foundation you know to leave some the least amount of foundation the better so I want something that’s very weightless as far as foundation so I’m going in with my all day luminous foundation from NARS and I’m just using a bit on my finger to spread throughout my face just so I make sure I don’t put too much and then I’m just blending that in with my Beauty Blender all the details and knees will be beneath this video in the description box now I’m just highlighting using my radiant creamy Scylla from nars and this is just going to give me a nice lifted look effect you know what I mean and I’m just blending that out with my beauty blender as well and next I’m just setting it with my Laura Mercer powder I’m just picking some up on my Beauty Blender and pressing that and rolling it into the skin underneath my eyes because I do a lot of creasing underneath the eyes and then next I’m going into the Jaclyn hero palette and I’m just going to use this orange e brown shade as my transition color and that’s just going to be placed into the crease and blend it out and then next I’m picking up this maroon color and I’m going to place that all over the lid using a flat shade brush OK so picking up some of this brick red eye shadow I’m just gonna pop that into the crease and this is just going to warm up the crease and add some depth at the same time and then using my transitional shade I’m sweeping that along my lash line now I have to sweep away my Laura Mercer powder because you know I left it there to catch any fallout you can’t trust some of these eye shadow palettes sometimes but I didn’t experience much fallout okay I’m gonna get a bit fancy here so I’m taking this golden eye shadow in my ingot praline and I’m just gonna make my own color eyeliner so I just mixed the two on the back of my hand and use a wings brush just to make my color eyeliner so it kind of just adds a pop to my eye shadow look now you know I cannot forget my highlighter so I’m using my master chrome from Maybelline this is in molten gold and I’m just going to apply this to the highest points of my cheekbones and the tip of my nose and then I’m just going to add another winged liner using my still a liquid liner pin and this is also going to help conceal my lash band since I went pretty bold on the eyes I’m gonna keep the lips pretty neutral so I’m just gonna line my lips with a brown lip liner I’m using Coco from NYX Cosmetics and then I’m going in with Mac peach stock lipstick and this is just you know a really nice nude neutral lip and then I’m just adding a little bit of lip gloss this is the hydra boost lip shine okay so now I’m doing my mascara I’m applying it to my lower lashes making sure to coat them really well to lengthen them and then I’m also going to apply it to my top lashes to add some volume and some length as well before I apply my false lashes and you know of course I got to do the infamous face mascara face while applying my mascara making sure to dig really deep sweep them under and pull those lashes upward and then lastly I’m adding my blush this is glow with it by Mac which is an extra dimension skin finish now for my hair is pretty easy because I’ve been rocking hair units as of lately so it speeds up my gear ready process because I curled my hair the night before and I just pin curl it and then put my bonnet on so when I’m ready to go I just finger comb it play with a little bit and voila my hair is done I’m also going to share a tip with you guys I blend my closure by just using brown eye shadow I make sure to kind of like blend it on the scalp that way it blends in with my hair and you can’t really see where the actual closure net and my actual real hair starts Ready Set spray make sure to set your makeup with a setting spray and voila you are done girlfriend well I’m done I hope you guys enjoy this and this is the outfit that I chose to wear to the barbecue just this little tube dress here my skin is out my skin is glowing thanks to my Vaseline cook her radiant moisturizer I feel like a million bucks even though I’m about to sweat my Behan off in this heat but hey sweat and slay alright guys so this is the completed look I hope you enjoy if you did please be sure to hit the thumbs up button which your race should have in the beginning of this video of you support me but if you didn’t i’ma let it slide go ahead and hit the thumbs up button right now is share it with your friends and family let’s give this video to 15,000 likes 15,000 likes it’s not that hard because I have a lot of you here who loves me and I love you guys of course of course and also go ahead and leave me a sweet note down beneath this video I love reading you guys’s comments so go ahead and comment beneath this video and while you’re at it go ahead and subscribe you know do all three thumbs up comment and subscribe okay  and last but not least don’t forget to check out that saline cocoa radiant by clicking the link beneath this video in the description box so you can get yours as well so until next time beauty’s be you be beautiful enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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