The ability to get yourself out of a predicament that seems to have high odds!

The ability to get yourself out of a predicament that seems to have high odds against you is a great confidence booster. Also, it makes those around you regard you as a reliable person and in turn builds better bonds. Life does not come with a remote or a wand that grants wishes for things you want or situations you want to better.

However, there are survival hacks in place that ensure you do not freeze to death because you do not have a matchbox. Similarly, you can keep mosquitos away with a homemade trap and even be able to defend yourself if you parked your car in a dangerous neighborhood. The essence of learning these survival tips is to give you the ability to adapt to any environment thus enjoying life even more.

Also, some survival tips are not for you but those around you, especially your children. Kids pick up on these tips more because most of them are fun and this gives them an advantage over other kids growing up. Survival tips can be applied at home, while out camping, during the different seasons, and even in your office. Here are the best survival hacks in life.

1. Magnetic Strip

If not on the dressing table or inside a drawer, most people often put their tweezers, nail clippers, and sewing needles inside their respective sets. However, after using them, we place them almost anywhere, and this can prove hazardous in time. Also, it is very irritating when you are looking for your tweezers or clippers but can’t find them or remember where you put them their last use.

This problem can be averted by sticking them on a magnetic strip. Seeing that these items are mostly made of steel, you can be sure to find you needles faster and other small yet significant magnetic materials that you may require to use more often at home.

2. Tennis Racket as Earring Caddy

Ladies have all sorts of jewelry boxes, some even specially made for specific jewelry. Earrings might give you a hard time in the morning when you are trying to look for a partner in a box filled with them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Nonetheless, a tennis racket can solve this problem and even add some beauty to your bedroom décor.

Just stick or suspend the racket to the wall and hang your earrings in matching pairs. Another homemade earring caddy idea can be a grater. While its purpose might not be to hold your earrings in the bedroom, you can use it as a way to decorate your living room to great success.

3. Safety pin and a Strap to Help you Dress

Another issue that troubles ladies is zipping up their dresses, especially if they are extra tight or the zipper is not as smooth. You can avoid those hectic moments by attaching a strap to a safety pin then lock the safety pin on your dress’ zip. All you have to do next is pull the string over your head, and your dress will comfortably be zipped up in a second.

4. Opening Tight Jars
Whether it contains pickles or sweet, mouthwatering Nutella if a jar doesn’t open we often look for the strongest person in the room. They might open it with ease, but they use more effort as opposed to when you use this method. To open a tight jar, coil a rubber band on the jar and its lid as well.

Hold the jar together tightly with one hand and slowly grip on the lid to ensure the rubber band doesn’t twist and then open the jar. The rubber bands give you extra grip; therefore, you won’t require a lot of force to open the jar.

5. Use a Comb when Hammering

Sometimes you will be expected to pick up a hammer and nail to make some renovations or for the simplest task such as hanging up a picture on the wall. While some people may be professionals, others tend to hurt their fingers more than the hammer hurts the head of the nail.
Save yourself the agony by placing your nail in the middle of a comb then hammering it in until it is stable enough for you to remove the comb.

6. Car Keys as Protection

I bet you have visited a neighborhood that is not very well lit or has a history of hijacking and had the longest walk from where you were to your car. Your car keys can be of great help when walking to the underground parking lot too during the wee hours of the night. Hold them in your palm and let them protrude through your fingers when you make a fist.
It might just be the difference between losing your valuable possessions or even worse your life, and a lucky escape from an attempted robbery.

7. Flat Tires and Grass

Ever had a flat tire, no spare, and could not get through to any company for roadside assistance or stop anybody for help? It is not only the most frustrating moment but one that might also cost you a lot if you had a time limit to get to your destination. However, in case this happens to you, fill the flat tire with grass, and you will be able to at least get to your destination.

8. Jumper Cable and Pencil to Start Fire

There are multiple ways you can use a battery power source as a method to start a fire. A regular number two pencil shaved on both sides to help the cable touch the lead does the trick perfectly. The clamps have to touch the lead as it will conduct the electricity that eventually turns it into a red-hot coal.

After about two minutes, the wooden pencil bursts into flame. Although it might not burn for long, you can use it to start a fire without the help of a matchstick.

9. Crayon Candles

Here is something you don’t see every day, a crayon used as a candle. It uses the same method just like a candle, just light up the bottom so that the wax can melt. Then set it on a table and light the top of the crayon. It serves as a replacement candle for hours, and your kid will enjoy this prospect because crayons come in different colors.