The best Martial Art for Self Defense

Although many individuals who engage in or begin training in martial arts do so in order to defend themselves, many don’t choose the right form of martial arts for defense. It isn’t simply about punching and kicking harder than an opponent or potentially dangerous threat, but about learning how to use your mind, and proper form, to defend
yourself in a particularly dangerous situation. Especially in situations where more than one threat presents itself, individuals who practice martial arts, must chose those fighting/defense techniques which help them defend, protect, and ward off those who are trying to do harm unto them. These are a few of the best self defnse martial art

, which will keep you safe on the street, and allow you to defend yourself in a particularly troubling or compromising situation.

1. Krav Maga –
Although not as popular as karate, tae-kwon-do, or other forms of martial arts, it is a form of self defense which will allow practitioners to get out of a situation where they are threatened or find themselves in possible danger. Created by and used by the Israeli military, this method of self defense focuses on neutralizing a threat, slowing down that threat, focusing on movement/motion which is most effective, and uses brutal strength to increase its effectiveness when practiced.

From proper punching and kicking forms, to teaching individuals who to disarm a firearm, it is practical and effective, regardless of the danger one finds themselves in. Those who practice learn how to:
– Defend themselves when approached or attacked by multiple forces or groups of people who want to harm them.
– Uses techniques (such as finger gauging eyes, chokeholds, etc) to stop forward motion or threat of harm by an attacker.
– How to disengage and disarm a firearm when an attacker has one present.

This form of martial arts/self defense focuses on utilizing strength, form, and intelligence in order to determine threats before they actually occur. By knowing what your attacker is going to do before they do it, you have a better chance to defend yourself of that threat. Krav Maga focuses on teaching its students how to determine the threat before it occurs, and teaches those who practice this defense how to utilize brutal strength and force to minimize potential for danger or injury when attacked (or present threat of attack is present).

2. Muay Thai –
Many UFC fighters also focus on this form of martial arts, which has also made it a popular form of self defense in recent years. This style of kickboxing is known for its savage and brutal nature, which makes it ideal for individuals who want to defeat an opponent with few movements, and rely on strength and proper placement (of a punch or a kick) to knock their opponent out. The addition of extensive use of the knees and elbows (as opposed to simply using the hands and feet to fight) makes it a more diverse method of defense as well.

As a stand up fighting style, a powerful clinch from a muay thai fighter, is one of the most deadly grips in martial arts, when it is properly executed. Focusing on sparring as opposed to actual fighting, it also winds the opponent, making them tired more quickly. This is a great benefit for those who train in this from of fighting frequently, as their stamina levels are higher than their attacker or those who are posing possible threat or danger to them during a fight or attack situation. This form of fighting also levels the playing field, for smaller fighters, or those who do not simply rely on sheer strength and power. Focusing on form, and proper grip techniques (such as going after the wind pipes, or disengaging an attackers ability to stand, kick, punch, etc), fighters create an equal playing ground, regardless of their attacker’s size or regardless of how much stronger their attacker may be.

3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu –
If you are at all familiar with UFC and MMA fighting, it is highly likely you are aware of or familiar with this form of martial arts self defense as well. For one on one, unarmed combat, it is a method of self defense which gives you full range of mobility, and allows you to attack your attacker from many different angles or positions. Relying on intelligence, rather than sheer strength alone, fighters focus on their attacker’s next move, range of motion, and previous attacks (punch, kick, etc), in order to defend themselves from what is going to come their way next.

The use of body mechanics is an ideal mechanism which allows smaller fighters to ward of danger and ward off those larger attackers who are coming towards them to cause harm or injure them. This form of defense focuses on taking the “fight to the floor or ground,” as opposed to simply throwing punches and kicks. Not only does this allow fighters to maintain their level of strength (and level it with that of a larger or stronger attacker), it also minimizes the possibility of getting winded or too tired to fight, in situations where longer attacks or fights are prominent. This form of defense relies on the theory that when you put an attacker on their back (rather than face to face) they do not know what to do, their range of mobility is limited. This gives you (the defender) more of a chance to defend yourself, and defeat your opponent or attackers.

The best self defnse martial art are not those forms of defense simply relying on strength, but those which rely on tactical direction, disengaging, and limiting mobility of the attacker who is trying to cause harm to an individual. For this reason, these are three of the most popular defense methods which should be practiced,by individuals who actually want to defend themselves, rather than simply become stronger or have more strength than others. These forms of defense allow individuals to limit their attacker’s ability to throw punches, to injure them, or to otherwise cause harm when they attack for any reason

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